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Birmingham Swingers Club - The Tudor Lounge

Members are able to meet and comfortably relax in the Very pleasant atmosphere of our luxurious Tudor venue Birmingham Adults Events Club

Swingers Club Birmingham - Fetish Adult Club

Elizabeth I of EnglandThe Tudor Lounge situated at Stratford Place in Birmingham is a magnificent Tudor timber oak mansion built in 1601, when Elizabeth the first was on the throne; Oliver Cromwell was running around with his codpiece on show.

The mansion is haunted so visitors and club members will have the willies put up them.

And for those who have asked yes it is true The Tudor Lounge is Birmingham’s hottest adult entertainment venue we welcome like-minded couples, singles, ladies don’t forget to join our newsletter and/or social pages for details of free entry days.


Please when arriving and leaving keep noise to the bare minimum.


For all those wishing to be punished we have two dungeons especially for naughty boys, come and join the fun and make merry as we have a fully fitted bar and two private courtyards to relax in.

Contact us by phone or via the Internet email to become a member.

Fetishist will be catered for swingers, S & M, gay nights, lesbian nights, stag nights, speed dating and fetish.

Birmingham Swingers Club - The Tudor Lounge

Like minded consenting adults.

Couples who come for the very first time, who actually merely sit down and plan to be approached without having input coming from yourselves probably won't relish their night, as regulars do not know what you're really into; furthermore they do not like to offend.

The best technique would be to give eye contact as well as take some time to chat to others.

The bottom line is, be friendly, courteous and things will happen as everybody in the club is certainly open-minded and are there to swing. No matter what their preferances, merely enjoy and relax your evening.


We will respect your privacy and will not circulate your contact details to anyone outside our company.



Stratford Place
West Midlands
B12 0HT

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